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Henry Cavill Dresses As The Witcher for Halloween Party

Henry Cavill (remember him? the guy with the moustache) has delighted gaming fans by dressing as his favourite video game character, Geralt of Rivia. Sporting a costume shop wig, jacket and plastic sword labelled 'Witch...

Red Dead 2 Only Pretends To Do HDR

Unless you've been living under a boulder on Mars you'll know Red Dead Redemption 2 has been released. Gamers the world over (apart from the super nerdy PC players of course) have been locked deep...

New Tomb Raider Review-Bombed For Big Discount Month After Launch

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider, the last in the (well-meaning but deeply-misguided) new Lara Croft trilogy that was released on September 14th has already been discounted by 34% on Steam - and early-adopters are...

Uber Eats Fails With The Easiest Game Promotion EVER

So you like cod and chips eh, but what about CoD and chips?? What a pun! Take my money now... Uber Eats, the fledgling offshoot of everyone's favourite taxi app service (unless you're a fat...

‘Best’ Pals Nintendo & Microsoft Mercilessly Troll Sony In New Ad

“Let’s all have a party for the players!…no not you, go home Sony, you’re drunk!!” – Anon UPDATE: Sony is now 'trialling' cross platform play with Fortnite, but NOTHING else (for now). Not content to let Sony...

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Top 5 Most Exciting Indie Games of October 2018

This article was originally published on October can be an odd month for indie games. Most small studios do their level best to avoid a...


PCBANG UK PC & Console Gaming Space Review

Hey gamers, Nerdy Dwarf here back again but rather than reviewing a game, I’m doing something a little different... I’m here to tell you about...


PIXEL JELLY – Gaming Disorder Doesn’t Exist, Human Disorder Does

JD's regular opinion column - the views expressed are purely his own and shouldn't be taken seriously by anyone who takes themselves too seriously The...








Editor's Letter

PC Zone is back! Well, sort of…

If you’re reading this I’ve got good news for you – PC Zone isn’t as dead and buried as you though it was.

Like a Frankenstein’s monster in digital form, a team of nostalgic nerds have resuscitated this cult classic platform for the new generation of latte-sipping, safe-spacing twitterati – lord help us.

Sadly, the original magazine ceased trading in 2010 after more than 15 years of circulation. It may have left store shelves almost a decade ago yet it never left the hearts and minds of countless gamers across the nation. Now in 2018 we fans have the chance to resurrect if not the actual mag, but the spirit at least, here at its original home

Like any freshly reanimated corpse it will smell a bit – at least at first – a lumbering beast of a website crudely stitched together and barely functional. But given some polish, snazzy content and helpful suggestions from fellow fans I’m sure we can turn it into a highly entertaining destination for gaming news and opinions.

The site’s design is modelled on the most important sections from the mags heyday, along with a few fresh ideas we hope will meet with approval from fans of the original PC Zone and new readers alike – and you can rest assured that our conversational and irreverent style of language would fit right in should you choose to compare us to any article gleaned from a dusty old copy of Zone carefully stored in your attic.

We’re not pretending it’s the same (we’re covering games across all platforms, unlike the mag) but we are hellbent on making it feel like home to those who loved the original publication. Like a favourite pair of slippers or better yet, those day-glow hole-ridden joggers from the mid 90s that you just can’t seem to part with.

This site won’t be for everyone, we’ll have some strong opinions (and strong language) just as the magazine did, but whatever your taste we hope you’ll appreciate our alternative (and reassuringly familiar) voice in an all too one-note crowd of banal gaming rag sheets.

Love it or hate it, PC Zone is reborn, baby…

Jim Devereaux, Chief Editor

JD is the Chief Editor of PC Zone and a life-long gamer. He has contributed gaming articles for various publications and produced (along with Greg Marshall) the award-winning TV show Bored Gamers. It was broadcast worldwide and is available on Amazon Prime. He especially loves racing games, classic LucasArts adventures and building new monster PC gaming rigs whenever he gets bored or can afford it.

We Want You!

In order to make this fan site a true success we need aspiring gaming journos to contribute unique (yet distinctly PC Zone-esque) content to populate our pages.

We're not (yet) a commercial enterprise, however with the authority the web domain commands you can rest assured it's an excellent place to get your work recognised and celebrated.

We'll publish links to your own blogs/social media too.

So don't be shy, visit the contribute page for all the info.